P8 Outdoor LED Screen

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P8 Outdoor LED Screen Best for Outdoor road or business signage, Advertising video screen,
Sports advertisement display, Billboard signage, Building video wall and etc

p8 outdoor led display screen



Parameter Details
Pixel Structure Surface Mounted 3 in 1 LED
Pixel pitch 8 mm
LED Bulb SMD3535
Module resolution (dots) 40×20 (pixels)
Module Size 320×160 (mm)
Single board current (A/Pcs) Module power consumption (W/Pcs) ≤36
Pixel density (pixels) 15625
Box flatness ≤0.2
Cabinet size 960×960(mm)
Cabinet Box Aluminum Die Casting Heavy Rain proof
Single point brightness correction Available
Brightness 4500 – 5500 nits
Horizontal viewing angle 140°
Vertical viewing angle 140°

p8 outdoor led screen module

 P8 Outdoor LED Screen Modules


outdoor led display screen 8mm pixel pitch

Large LED Display Signage ( Video Screen)


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